2023 Trends - What is the Future of the Pharma Manufacturing Industry?

July 20, 2023
by SeerPharma

If we could predict the future of the pharma manufacturing industry, we wouldn’t have been rattled by supply disruptions throughout the pandemic. And we would’ve been able to anticipate which products would unexpectedly experience weak demand. At the very least, we could’ve predicted which winning therapies to invest in! So why do we waste time trying to predict future conditions when we could be preparing for them? Wishing for a crystal ball is a distraction when you have real opportunities today to start building for tomorrow. It’s time to control the things that are within your power to control and take advantage of technologies that will help you tackle the challenges of today while forging — not trying to predict — the industry’s future.

Although the future will always be unpredictable, the latest biotech and pharma manufacturing trends all share an underlying theme: adaptability. It’s the key to persevering in uncertain, ultra-competitive times. To develop adaptability at the individual company level, pharma manufacturers find themselves needing to be “more focused on operational resilience and accelerating initiatives that enable more agility — including workforce agility as workforces become more remote and distributed — and transparency through greater deployment of digital and analytics tools and automation,” according to McKinsey’s latest industry findings.1

If adaptability, versatility, and agility are the keys to survival in a competitive and evolving industry, advanced technologies are the definitive means by which pharma manufacturers can make it a reality. The trends featured in this brief reveal opportunities for pharma manufacturers to become more adaptable and highlight various ways that modern digital tools can help them realise that adaptability.

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In the full article linked below, SeerPharma's business partner MasterControl explores the following key topics:

Enhancing Visibility With Supplier Management Solutions

If the COVID-19 pandemic’s ripple effects didn’t directly disrupt your supply chain, at the very least, they opened your eyes to how fragile supply chains can be and how quickly they can devolve into chaos.

Realising Total Quality Management Through Enhanced Connectivity

Manufacturing professionals may cringe every time the dreaded Q-word is uttered, but we all must recognise that quality is a vital element that should exist within the manufacturing system rather than outside of it.

Modernising Batch Records to Streamline Performance

Highly regulated activities like pharma manufacturing are practically synonymous with mountains of paperwork and labor-intensive documentation.



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