6 Common Myths About Adopting a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

June 15, 2022
by SeerPharma

This article was originally published by SeerPharma's business partner MasterControl and is republished in-part here with their permission.

6 MES Myths

Traditional manufacturing execution system (MES) software can be a powerful tool for automating production processes, improving traceability, error proofing, and lowering cost – when an organisation’s production environment is highly automated and the product line is high-volume and high-margin. For most production environments, however, the barriers of adopting a traditional MES have kept many organisations from digitising their manufacturing environment.

Contrary to the longstanding view in the industry, a traditional MES is not the only path to digitising and automating production. Today, new technologies are providing smarter, faster, and more affordable paperless shop floor alternatives to legacy solutions – where production records, training documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and much more are quickly and cost-effectively digitised under one platform. And the simplicity of these next-gen manufacturing execution systems extends to user adoption and configurability that easily maps to manufacturers’ existing processes.

The introduction of modern manufacturing solutions means that many of the common concerns today are more myth than fact.

For manufacturing organisations that haven’t fully digitised their production processes because of the high cost and complexity of conventional MES solutions, it’s time to put those fears to rest. MasterControl's industry brief explores and dispels six common misconceptions of adopting MES in life sciences manufacturing.

6 MES Adoption Myths

  1. Implementation is costly and time-consuming
  2. Process configurations are rigid and changes are time-intensive
  3. User adoption is slow and dedicated support is necessary
  4. Scaling is difficult, so the software is only cost-justified on certain lines
  5. Software validation is difficult and change control requires extensive resources
  6. Time to value is too long to justify the investment

MasterControl’s modern, cloud-based solution is fast to deploy, simple to configure, easy to use, and cost-effective to roll out across all your lines and sites. The path to digitisation in manufacturing is easier than you might think.

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