Biotech Manufacturing in UTS' Biologics Innovation Facility (BIF)

December 17, 2020
by SeerPharma

Biotech manufacturing is one of the fastest growing technologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing, particularly driven this year with the focus on COVID vaccines and treatments.

In 2020 a new subject ‘Biotech manufacturing’ was added to the GMP Postgraduate program at University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Biotech manufacturing differs from traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing and understanding the differences and the application of GMP in this specialist area is critical for students to have a well-rounded education in the area of therapeutic formulation and manufacturing. 'Biotech manufacturing' learning is based around the Biological Innovations Facility (BIF) at UTS, providing students with the opportunity to base case studies on the equipment, material, processes etc. and get an understanding of the application of GMP to a real facility.

Gowned Students in Biologics Innovation Facility (BIF) as part of the Master of GMP Training at UTS

Here’s what some of our 2020 'Biotech manufacturing' students had to say about the subject:

“I am incredibly impressed in this biotech subject because it is a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy. To support our understanding of biotech manufacturing, we visited the biologics innovation facility (BIF) at UTS building seven and received in-depth explanations about the manufacturing pieces of equipment. The guest lectures were also fascinating and opening eyes to the real biotech world”.

Fitri Deliana – Master of GMP graduate


“The Biotech Manufacturing was a new, excellent addition to the Masters of GMP course in Spring semester. Its inclusion bringing with it a new dimension as opposed to traditional methods we have studied in the past, allowing insight to a sector of the industry which is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly significant. Workshops were found to be a different and exciting challenge, incorporating science elements to its understanding.”

Showaan Bajpai – Master of GMP graduate


"Coming from a Biotech educational background, I was surprised by how much new information the subject still offered. It provided a lot more than simply combining my existing knowledge in Biotech, and the knowledge I gained in past GMP manufacturing subjects, as there is a greater nuance to Biotech manufacturing. It was also helpful to see how specific manufacturing processes are used for biologics through visits arranged to the Biologics Innovation Facility at UTS."

Khalilullah Dalvi – Master of GMP student


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Gowned Master of GMP Students in BIF at UTS

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