Meet 2022 SeerPharma Scholarship Recipient : Alejandro Silagan

March 15, 2022
by SeerPharma

I am currently the Quality Manager of BJP Laboratories Pty Ltd, located in Yatala, Queensland. BJP is a contract manufacturer of TGA-listed complementary medicines and dietary supplements. Our facility is also licensed with the APVMA and registered with the US-FDA. Before this role, I worked as Quality Assurance Manager of Mavlab Animal Health (also Mavlab Contract Manufacturing) in Slacks Creek, Queensland. Mavlab is an APVMA-licensed veterinary medicines and supplements manufacturer equipped with a Sterile Manufacturing (Clean Room) Suite for sterile injectable liquid product manufacture.

Alejandro Silagan 2022 SeerPharma Scholarship Recipient

I started my formal Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) schooling when UTS-SeerPharma offered the online Graduate Certificate in GMP course in 2019. The learnings I gained from the course hugely supplemented my understanding of Good Manufacturing Practice for medicinal products, especially on ensuring the alignment of our pharmaceutical quality system with the various guidelines from the TGA, the APVMA, the FDA, the EMA, and other regulators. The knowledge I gained from studying GMP with UTS made me more confident in providing quality and regulatory compliance services to our clients and customers and guiding our staff on applying specific GMP requirements in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Now, halfway through my Master in GMP journey, I am pursuing it steadfastly and diligently, especially after being awarded the 2022 SeerPharma Scholarship.

Kudos to the UTS-GSH and SeerPharma Management Team!

The SeerPharma Scholarship is an initiative to support working professionals interested in pursuing a formal academic postgraduate qualification in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Click here for more information on the Scholarship.

As a working professional, are you interested in obtaining internationally-recognised postgraduate qualifications in GMP online? Click here to learn more.

Initiatives such as these reaffirm our mission to “Advance Quality and GMP Best-Practices” for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sector.

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