PIC/S GMP Supplier Audits in Asia

August 22, 2016
by SeerPharma

Major pharmaceutical companies in the Asian region requested assistance with GMP supplier audits .

In Malaysia, SeerPharma Singapore audited organisations dealing with blood products and conducted inspections against the PIC/S GMP regulatory framework. GMP training was also provided to these sites to ensure ongoing compliance.

In Japan, SeerPharma Australia conducted an audit of a tablet manufacturer against PIC/S GMP guidelines for a multinational pharmaceutical company in the region.

“Engaging Seerpharma Australia and Singapore has allowed our organisation to fast track the development of our internal audit team so they are better able to deal with the ongoing demands of unique audits through our world-wide audit program. SeerPharma’s experts have now audited on our behalf (and performed audits in conjunction with us) and provided a complete audit report in our template along with audit notes.”

- Director of Quality Systems

Our team of experienced consultants can provide an independent assessment of your facilities or suppliers against PIC/S, FDA and other such regulatory standards.  

Contact us to discuss your auditing needs and how we might be able to help you. Alternatively, you can click here for more information on our auditing capabilities

This post comes from our April 2016 Journal. Click here to see all of our Journal content.

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