SeerPharma Partners with Orioled Hub to Offer Services in Vietnam

August 24, 2022
by SeerPharma

Orioled Hub is a group of companies established in Singapore, Hongkong, Latvia and Vietnam - merging pharmaceutical and financial companies with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical market. Orioled Hub is the representative, distributor, and preferred partner of many worldwide companies from the US, Europe and Japan to the South East Asian market.

SeerPharma has successfully signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Orioled Hub to support the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in Vietnam with EU (PIC/S) GMP requirements.

SeerPharma will work closely with Orioled Hub to support clients in Vietnam with ongoing GMP training and advisory services. In addition, the partnership will assist Vietnamese companies wanting to digitise their quality and manufacturing workflows using market-leading software – MasterControl.

The partnership reaffirms our commitment to our mission of Advancing Quality and GMP Best-Practices for our sector in the Asia-Pacific region.

Orioled Hub SeerPharma Partnership


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