SeerPharma to Present at Continuous Improvement BioForum

February 02, 2023
by SeerPharma

BioMelbourne Network is an industry-led membership association for organisations engaged in biotechnology, medical technology and health innovation in the state of Victoria, Australia. BioMelbourne Network plays a pivotal role in fostering links between companies, research organisations, financial markets and government in Australia’s largest biotechnology market.

BioMelbourne Network has invited SeerPharma to present at their upcoming BioForum on Continuous Improvement – Strategy and Company Culture. The hybrid event will be held on Thursday, February the 16th and commence at 4 pm (AEDT).

BioForum Continuous Improvement – Strategy and Company Culture

The event will focus on why Continuous Improvement is important, how and when to implement this practice and who should be responsible for its implementation.

Creating a continuous improvement mindset within your organisation, aligned with your strategy,  will help your organisation to be sustainable, cultivate lean mindsets and assist you in meeting your targets throughout your organisation. This will be a long-term, multipronged and coordinated effort that needs investment, vision and commitment but will yield outcomes likely to exceed expectations.

Continuous improvement will be incorporated into every aspect your operation and likely extend throughout your supply chain.

SeerPharma Director – Ian Lucas, will share his insights from over 30 years in industry, helping clients adopt a continuous improvement mindset.

For more information and to register for this unique event, please visit: 

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