The State of Digital Quality Maturity in Pharma and Medtech

March 01, 2023
by SeerPharma

This article was originally published by SeerPharma's business partner MasterControl and is republished in-part here with their permission.

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Quality trailblazers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, biologics, and other life sciences
industries are constantly adapting to changes in their industries, regulations, and technology.

Technology in particular has an annoying habit of changing right when you think you’ve got it right. That also makes it difficult to know where you stand digitally in relation to your competitors. To help you understand how you compare to your peers and how to become more digitally mature, we conducted research into digitization in the life sciences.

This edge-of-your-seat report covers where the industry stands, the challenges that quality professionals face, and the role technology plays in their daily work. We chatted with 152 quality professionals in the life sciences about how they approach quality management and their progress in their digital transformation journey. Of course, trying to measure progress meant we had to define different stages of that journey, which we did in a quality maturity model. This model has four tiers: manual, digital, connected, and intelligent. Your peers determined where they fell in the model, where they thought the industry was, what might hold them back, and what’s driving them forward.

Some key takeaways from the research include:

  1. Even though 85% of companies have a QMS, most of them are missing the benefits that come from a fully implemented QMS.
  2. The larger a company is, the more likely it is to prioritize digital transformation.
  3. The number one driver for digitization is that digital maturity is a competitive advantage, as cited by 58% of respondents.
  4. Only 42% of respondents have a formal quality digital transformation plan. The remaining 58% have ad hoc or informal plans, making their digital transformation journey more difficult than it needs to be.

This report will help you understand the current state of digital transformation in the life sciences industry. You’ll learn more about the quality maturity model, the benefits of each tier, and the steps needed to stay ahead of your competition.

MasterControl is poised to help your company with its digital transformation by partnering with you to implement the best solution while further developing the capabilities you need. We’re constantly innovating to bring more value to our users. We’ve done this with tools specifically designed to help you with software validation, creating procedures, analyzing your data, and more.

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