Auspman Expanding Beyond Online GMP Training

November 03, 2016
by SeerPharma

Auspman (Western Australia Hospitals Central Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility) is a TGA-licensed contract manufacturer of non-commercial pharmaceuticals for hospitals, located within the Pharmacy department of Princess Margaret Hospital in Subiaco, WA.

Originally set-up to centralise extemporaneous manufacturing for WA public hospitals, the Auspman facility has expanded its focus over time to supply hospitals around the country. As a unit of the WA Health Department, Auspman works on a non-profit basis with operating costs entirely funded through the sale of products.

As a small medicines manufacturer without staff dedicated to training and ongoing education, Auspman started using SeerPharma’s online GMP training (“E-learning”) back in 2007. New staff often have a limited background in the pharmaceutical industry and the online training courses (mainly GMP and now starting to pick up QC, Validation and IT) provide a means of delivering a flexible yet standardised training program. Also, as a small business Auspman staff have to be ‘generalists’ so the ability to train in different courses as they become relevant is very useful. The bulk of the online training is conducted during the first months of employment but Auspman also reissue courses for refresher training where required. Classroom training for GMP and related topics would be extremely inefficient due to the limited number of staff capable of delivering the training, and infrequency of new starters. SeerPharma’s online GMP training provides the flexible delivery of effective content Auspman need.

In addition to adding more SeerPharma online courses to their training library, Auspman is also setting up online training for internal documents (“SOPtrain”) which will replace their paper-based tracking system. The tracking and reporting is the key advantage here with Auspman currently managing 120 training courses in the LMS.

“Working with SeerPharma has helped us achieve cost-effective GMP compliance.”
- Mr Spencer Skett, Production Manager, Auspman

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