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Global Perspective on Effective Management of Risk-based GMP

April 27, 2017
by SeerPharma

SeerPharma in partnership with the Life Sciences Industry Group of the Singapore
Manufacturing Federation held its annual Symposium for 2017 in Singapore, March 16th to 17th. The event saw over 50 delegates from across the Asia-Pacific region attend. Companies from countries such as The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Sri Lanka were represented. Delegates were keen to learn more about the expectations of regulators on Good Manufacturing Practices compliance, in particular the latest trends in the ASEAN region.

The two-day event focused on ASEAN regulatory harmonisation to the PIC/S GMP guide, and on experience with inspections in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. The keynote presentation for the Symposium was delivered by Mr. Sia Chong Hock, Chair of the ASEAN Joint Sectoral Committee on GMP Inspection who spoke at length on the latest ASEAN countries to adopt the PIC/S GMP Guide, and those who are planning to in the near-future. This was followed by short sessions on topics such as Pharmaceutical Quality Risk Management, GMP Validation and GMP Data Integrity which were of considerable interest to the audience.

This Symposium further enhanced SeerPharma’s mission to forge closer ties between companies, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and regulators dealing with healthcare products in the Asia-Pacific region.

Contact us if you’d like more information on the latest Good Manufacturing Pracrices trends in the ASEAN region, and how we may be able to assist your interest in achieving compliance with the PIC/S guide.

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