GMP Supplier Audits in Europe and Asia

November 21, 2016
by SeerPharma

A number of firms have requested our expertise to provide technical and compliance audits of contract manufacturers that they currently use in Europe and Asia.

Our consultants are actively travelling to countries such as France, India, China and Japan to conduct GMP supplier audits on behalf of organisations, both small and large, regarding the capability of suppliers and ensuring that they are compliant with the relevant regulations under which their products are being sold (eg : FDA, EU, PIC/S, TGA and WHO).

Our findings are used to evaluate the competency of suppliers, and in some cases to help evaluate which supplier to use for manufacturing and/or distribution of product.

Companies have chosen to engage with SeerPharma due to our extensive industry experience with FDA, EU and PIC/S regulations. And to also gain access to our team of consultants that includes an ex-TGA GMP Inspector and accredited APVMA Auditors who routinely inspect facilities on behalf of the Australian government.

Contact us should you require assistance with managing your supplier quality assurance or if you’re interested in evaluating the capabilities and competencies of potential suppliers globally.

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