PIC/S GMP Training Across the Asia-Pacific Region

May 23, 2017
by SeerPharma

Kicking off 2017 saw SeerPharma deliver our most popular course “Introduction to GMP” across the Asia-Pacific region.

This course goes through each chapter and common appendix of the PIC/S Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products. Using case studies and examples drawn from industry and consulting experience, participants learn the requirements and how they are applied to their manufacturing environment(s); with a focus on ensuring product quality and the prevention of adulteration and misbranding.

By the end of the training program, participants are well versed in:

  • GMP Basics: Personnel and Training, Equipment and Facilities, Production and Packaging Controls, Process Validation, Quality Control, Out of Specification, Stability Programs
  • Good documentation and record keeping practices
  • Quality Management Basics: a Quality Systems approach to GMP, Quality Risk Management, Managing Changes and Deviations, Product Quality Reviews

"The training was helpful and I appreciated drawing on your personal industry example references.

Those examples do a great job in putting the theory to context."

Radha Lingamaneni
Suda Limited

Contact us to learn more about the PIC/S Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice and how it impacts your responsibilities manufacturing and/or handling medicinal products.

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