Meet Online Postgraduate GMP Student - Lina Sandberg

July 28, 2020
by SeerPharma

Lina Sandberg is a Quality Assurance Manager for a Regenerative Medicine Manufacturer in Perth, and one of our online students pursuing a Postgraduate qualification in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from the University of Technology Sydney.

Designed for professionals, the online course is suitable for those looking to upskill in the areas of regulation, compliance, process development and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology sectors.

We spoke to Lina to find out more about the role online distance learning plays in her life.

Qualification: Master in Medical Science (Major: Biomedicine)

Location: Lund University, Sweden

Current role: Quality Assurance Manager

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What undergraduate degree did you study and where?

I completed my Bachelor and Master in Medical Science (Major: Biomedicine) at Lund University in Sweden. I spent my last year as an exchange student at University of Western Australia. I moved to Australia soon after I completed my studies.

What do you hope to achieve with this course?

I am hoping to, and have, been able to solidify and structure 10 years of "on the job" experience in the GMP and Quality Assurance field.

Why did you choose to study this course?

This course is perfectly suited for me as I work in a highly regulated GMP environment where we have to adhere to the Australian TGA as well as international regulations. This course is helping me gain more knowledge that will help me improve how we achieve regulatory compliance.

How are you finding the experience of undertaking this course online?

Having a full time job on the side and family commitments with two children means that studying any other way than online would be very difficult. In addition to this I am located in WA and was really excited when the course became available online. I am also pleased that you can set your own pace by adjusting how many units you want to complete each semester. I'm only doing one, but I find myself doing a lot of extra reading when I something interest me. One thing is for sure, it is very rewarding to study subjects where you can immediately put the knowledge you've gained into practice. Studying to gain as much knowledge as possible and not really being bothered by the degree you get in the end is new to me, lol!

How are you finding the interactions with the lecturers and other students?

In terms of interaction I would probably like to see some improvements in how the study material is presented to make interaction easier, however there has been zoom calls with the group and the teacher which has been very good. The weekly discussions have also encouraged interaction. It was really nice to do the group assignment where I spoke to my group mates over zoom several times a week. As we are all working with GMP but in different fields, it actually became a really good networking experience.

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